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Help with Eject box E90 install.

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by kkratoch, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Hi I have a 06 330i with premium pkg and sat prewire; no nav. Build date 04/05. I have installed parts 51 16 7 118 054, 84 21 6 946 075 and 84 21 0 442 784 (I have a razr 2 v9m) according to instructions (P/N 01 29 0 403 645) up to and including number 3 on page 5.Now here's where the trouble is....
    When I unwrap the bundle it only contains one plug and it is (imo) the plug for the cd changer. There is no wrap with 3 connectors in it. So it seems as though I cannot hook up the external ant to my cell phone and that was the main reason for buying the eject box in the 1st place.
    Just to make sure for some strange reason my car does not need this to be done I did a little experiment of my own. With the phone in the cradle I watched the signal strength while I disconnected and reconnected the X13322 connector near the hand brake. It never changed so I think I still need to make a connection somewhere for the external ant to be effective.

    Can someone with more knowledge please help?

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I already spoke to the service dept of the local dealer and they told me that all they know is what is in the instructions (which they did provide for me).

    EDIT - the last 7 of VIN is AZ85768 if that helps.

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    Since I'm not up on part numbers, I am guessing that one of the parts is a snap-in adapter (you don't mention this, you just mention the eject box, which is different).

    If you have the snap-in adapter for the RAZR, once installed you should be able to connect the mobile to the external aerial.

    That is one of its two purchases (charging is the other).

    I am not sure about the CD Changer plug reference - there is no CD changer in the center console so I'm not sure why there would be a plug for it - please clarify (and I know you were taking an educated guess).

    I had an eject box and snap-in adapter in two of my 2006 330xi's and it worked fine when I tested it but ultimately it was more convenient to keep the phone in my pocket (granted, occasionally, an extra bar would have been helpful).

    I hope my comment is helpful - please keep us informed.
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    OK to clarify, yes the 3 parts listed are: "Console Trim", "Eject Box for Snap-in", and "Snap-in Adapter".

    The connections in the console I have no problem with (I believe). The bundled connector I was talking about are in the trunk. The instructions show a bundle of wires (3 connectors; 2 "coax cables" with Fakra Plugs" and 1 "Multi-pin Connector".

    Word for word it states:
    "4. Locate coax cables (2) and (3). If cables are not connected together, connect them. It may be necessary to remove a grounding cap from one of the connector halves."

    My trouble is that I do not have, or cannot find, the connectors referred to. I do have what looks to be 2 coax cables together in the same plug which I cannot connect, of course without some type of jumper that would plug into the end of the connector.

    These are the ones I think go to a CD changer if I had one installed. (see attached pics)

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