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Help Needed from Tech - E60 M5

Discussion in 'E60 M5 (2006-present)' started by ticosolares, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Hi. I have a 2006 BMW M5. For a couple of months now the car has had a slight vibration inbetween 2150 and 2350 RPM in every gear. I took the car to the dealer and the SA felt the vibration, but upon checking the car they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    It's a light vibration, but defenitely there. It feels like I'm running over a small patch of rumble strips. It deos it in virtually every gear between 2150 and 2350 rpm. It's very annoying when I'm in say, 4th gear and going about 40 miles per hour. It's a normal speed to be in and the vibration is driving me crazy. I rode with the SA and I felt it from the passenger seat, but when your hands are on the wheel, it's more noticeable.

    Please help. Dealer cannot find anything wrong with it, but it has never done this before. My car has 44k miles and it had a new clutch and flywheel put in by the dealer under warranty in Nov 2009. It's a 7 speed SMG.


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    I have the same problem! Only in 2nd gear and at low RPM though, but I'm sure we've got a similar problem...
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    Did the vibration appear after the clutch/flywheel were replaced? I'm guessing it did. If so, there are a number of potential things any competent mechanic would check. The biggest issue you might have is the dealer getting the ok from BMWNA to look at the car as they are trying very hard to limit warranty expenses -- plus the dealer could be on the hook for redoing the tranny pull if they did something wrong. Best case would be that it is simply a flywheel or pressure plate issue (slight out of balance), so the parts would be covered and I suppose BMWNA would cover the labor.

    The dealer can't really "check" the car without pulling the rotating parts which are the only things that can cause this issue (driveshaft, guibo coupling, flywheel, pressure plate, etc). If they do pull it again, make sure that it gets a new sleeve the throwout bearing slides on -- these are major wear items on SMG M5/M6 as numerous threads on m5board show. However, this is unrelated to your problem.

    In any event, go to the m5board.com, join and then go to the E60 M5 section to get more opinions as that is the largest source of E60 M5 owners on the net. There are many experienced engineers, techs, etc on m5board.

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    Thanks CSB. I am a member of M5Board. I'm member M5Express. I have a thread going over there as well: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e6...ght-vibration-around-2250-rpm-what-could.html

    Anyway, the dealer felt it, but didn't know what to do. Someone said that maybe the clutch was not aligned or balanced properly, but I don't know. I was hoping one of the BMW CCA Service techs could make a suggestion based on their expertise.
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    Driveshaft center support bearing. Common problem if the car has been through a lot of hard accelerations. Why was the clutch replaced?

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