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Help - my 02 M5 need your help!

Discussion in 'E39 M5 (2000-2003)' started by M10ZA, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I have an 02 M5, with 67K She was running great until a week ago.
    At part throttle, or when slightly letting off throttle, the car starts to buck/stumble - almost like stalling. At first it was slight, but now it is almost un-driveable

    I cleaned the MAF's per the M5board instructions (Used CRC Cleaner), but it didn't help.
    Put Techron in the tank - no change
    I changed the plugs this weekend - (all of the old ones looked like they were burning clean) still no difference.

    I checked and cleared the codes 3x with my Peake tool and here is what I get:

    CD - Misfire during warmup Cyl #1
    CE - Misfire during warmup Cyl #2
    CF - Misfire during warmup Cyl #3
    D0 - Misfire during warmup Cyl #4
    D1 - Misfire during warmup Cyl #5
    D2 - Misfire during warmup Cyl #6
    D3 - Misfire during warmup Cyl #7
    D4 - Misfire during warmup Cyl #8
    D5 - Misfire during warmup multiple cylinders
    b3 - Catalyst system efficiency Cyl 5-8
    90 - Fuel control Cyl 1-4

    I've checked other boards, and some suggest CPS, TPS, even the oil separator hoses, possibly a vacuum leak, fuel filter. - All these parts will need to be replaced at this mileage, so this weekend I'm starting with the throttle position sensors - when I have the plenum cover off, is there anything I should also be looking for in terms of a vacuum leak.

    Any help would be appreciated - I can't drive the car the way it is, and I'm really missing it!


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    I think the fuel pump has it's own code but don't forget to consider it.
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    Create a thread on M5board -- lots of experienced folks there to see it.

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