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HELP! BMW Delivery Delays/Problems

Discussion in 'E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008-2013)' started by Llansley737, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I placed an order for a 2011 M3 in early May 2010. Completed paperwork and purchase on May 19th for a European Delivery pickup at the Welt June 01st.

    Drove the car to the designated drop off point in Munich 2 hours after taking delivery to expedite receiving it back in the US.

    The car left port in Germany on June 16th and arrived in Brunswick, GA on July 05th. It has cleared customs and is apparently just sitting at the port (baking in the sun) awaiting transportation.

    It was originally scheduled to be a Performance Center Delivery once it arrived back in The US. My sales agent quit the day I picked up the car in Germany after verifying I'd picked it up (cha-ching, commission cleared), and I've been left to track the car basically on my own directly through E.H. Harms.

    I am now dealing with the sales manager at the dealership who is trying to help but can only tell me that at this point he has "NO IDEA"..., that's right..., "NO IDEA" how much longer it will take to get my car. The reason for this uncertainty is that BMW is changing shipping companies and it is currently "JUST A BIG MESS" right now.

    I have engraved keys from Germany, beautiful pictures, license plates, and car payment due yesterday, but no car to drive!

    Excuse me, but this is ridiculous and inexcusable. It's not that the car isn't here..., but that BMW is apparently having trouble finding transport (or still haggling for the lowest bidder) to get customers ordered vehicles to their proper destination. This is the "excuse" being offered by the dealership..., and I'm told "it is a nationwide problem". Can someone "in-the-know" at CCA verify this?

    I have offered to fly to the port and pick up the car myself since BMW can't find a way to transport it, but I'm told that is probably not possible either.

    This is my first Euro-Delivery/Performance Center pickup with BMW (6th BMW) and it is turning out to be anything but pleasant.

    I sure hope this is not typical, or maybe it's a local dealer problem only.

    My former sales agent did tell me that the dealership was having major "damage issues" with the open-air transport company and recommended I pick up the car myself, or have it go to the Performance Center.

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Well, that certainly sucks!

    I can't offer any ideas, because I have never taken European delivery, but I am planning to do it in a year or so on my next BMW.

    Please keep us posted about this, and let us know how it all ends.

    Frankly, its your car, and if it has passed customs, I can't see why you couldn't personally pick it up. Sounds like you have a "less than adequate" dealer, though...
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    hopefully someone can help you, but do NOT go pick the car up at the port yourself. i can easily see you holding the bag for any damages that may happen during transport, especially items that you can not see and/or overlook. there's an elaborate process that the cars need to go thru once the boat docks to when they hand over the keys.
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    Thanks for the info.

    -The car arrived in port on July 05th.

    -E.H. Harms says the car has cleared customs and been handed over to BMW already for a week now.

    -The issue is my dealer says BMW is changing the transport company and they cannot tell me when the car will be delivered to the Performance Center or to me in Texas.

    -So far I'm told I will not be able to pick it up myself (on my own time and dime), but they are checking into it.

    -Again, the car was purchased back in May. Payment is past due, keys and plates in hand for almost two months yet I have no car because they "cannot arrange transport".

    -I am wondering if the dealers claim that it is a Nationwide issue/problem caused by BMW is legitimate, or simply their apathy. It is still inexcusable to me. The car sits in the port baking away in the sun while the sales manager tells me "We Have No Idea" when you will get your car. The dealership is recently under new Management by a former GM guy. I am not impressed.

    -I have read others posting here with dates already arranged for Performance Center Delivery who have ordered their cars long after I have. :mad:

    -Already left a message with Ombudsman.

    Thanks Again. I appreciate the input.

    Hope to resolve this quickly.

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    Are you sure the car isn't at the VPC? My car sat at the VPC for 2 weeks after clearing customs last ED I did (repair of a "scratched" bumper during transport). BMW NA should be able to get you the # for the VPC. Hope this helps

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