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Hello to all

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Zdaneman, Feb 19, 2010.

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    I'm a new member to the BMW CCA but not to BMW's . I've owned; 95 325ti, 97 328i, 97 528i and my current is an 88 325is which I've got way too much invested in. My wife has a Z4 3.0si convertible and yes I do get to drive it! However. my true love is the E30! I rode to class everyday in my buddy's new 89 325is when I was a young Infantry Captain at the Advanced course. Its been a true love and hate relationship. I love to drive this car and work on her, but I sure wish the first two owners had done proper job on maintance and not let so many things go unattended. I'm so into this car cash wise now, 1500.00 purchase price. She is pretty much on her way to a full restoration. I bought the car with 78K and she now as 128K and is driven every day. I know I'm nuts! My E30's worst part is the fact it has a salvage title. The car was in great visual shape and the previous owner didn't mail me the car title till I had paid and picked up the car. Lick on me. Never trust a postal worker!! The parts list is ugly but over the last 5 years this is what I've done; new computer, new rims, new angel eye headlights, new belts, new alternator, new fuze box, fuzes and sensors (yes all of them) new belts, fuel lines, vacume lines, tune up, new Idle control, new filters, wiper motor, new clutch, pressure plate, bearing, fuel pump, new plug wires, redline fluid for tranny and differential, complete brake job, carpet kit, updated stock seats, numerous stock interior parts, bilstein shocks, trunk interior, complete tool kit .....on and on. I plan to working on power window adjustment this weekend and getting the only lights not working in the interior; the heater control background lights and computer display lights. This summer's projects are headlight adjustment, new floor mats, antenna motor, window seals and and updated CD / radio with factory upgraded speakers. Oh maybe a new paint job?

    Oh does anyone know where I can get a trunk battery cover?

    With all this work complete, I'd considering selling the car if I found the right M3 e30.

    What do you think its worth. a few pics.

    Glad to be a member and on the board!

    Zdaneman sends
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    Just figured out how to add my avatar
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    all that work and you used those floormats? :eek: looks good though, any more info on your 95 325ti? :D
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    No, I have Bavarain Auto Parts custum mats now black with red trim and 325is on them. Pic is older.

    No, sold it when I left Ft. Polk, LA . My brother owns a nice one now, he's in southern Ohio.

    What do you think the car is worth with all the work and updates? Title is the big issue!
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    That thing is just screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaming for a plastic bumper swap! How there can still be '88s on the road without the swap being done is beyond me... lol

    That is a very nice and clean E30's. There aren't too many super clean ones out there, and that one looks like an excellent buy for a potential buyer. Good luck finding a decent M3 for under ~$15k though.
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    an 'is with bottlecaps... eeek! oh, uh... don't mind me, just thinking to myself. Even if they're super-clean perfect bottlecaps, anyone specifically shopping for an 'is and that knows the cars would know bottlecaps never came on 'em - which might plant a doubt which could be compounded by the title issue.

    I see e30 325is's listed on autotrader it seems in the $4k-$5k range for clean ones, some with mileages as low as yours. So, let's say you fix _everything_ and it's all spankin' brand new an purty an everything; with a well-presented listing and documentation, salvage title notwithstanding, and lots of patience (providing the economy doesn't fall off a cliff here sometime soon) you might well find a buyer willing to fork over.... mebbe $5.5k, or some $6k+?. Best way to get a value idea is to see what's selling for what - cruise autotrader.com, cars.com, Roundel classifieds & Ebay. Over time you'll get a sense. But.. those bottlecaps gotta go! Unless, well, you _really_ love those things. As for the title - the main point would be _why_ it was a salvage title. If it was crumpled up to the point of being totalled, speaking for myself, that would be a big minus, regardless of how well humpty dumpty was put back together again. If it was flooded but everything appears to work well after all work done, well - maybe. But if it was something dumb like acid rain damage early in it's history that was only in reality a cosmetic issue and the car was repainted somewhere along the line, well big whoop, not a problem.

    I would be surprised if you couldn't find a battery tray cover from BavAuto, your dealer, or Ebay. Or, your local imports scrapyard.
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    Thanks for the input! Yeah, I know the wheels got to go! Just taking my time on determining which wheels to purchase.


    damien_ro guest

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    clean car dude

    good looking car, hope you can get a fair value for her. It really does depend on what kind of damage it took to earn a salvage title.
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    cool, good choice, I have the same ones with gray trim
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    Brian A

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    We are all like you here. Welcome to the loonie bin.

    That is understandable considering they are the greatest car ever built in the history of humanity. (See November 2008 Roundel.)

    The fun has to be in the restoration process; it's extremely difficult to recoup your costs, salvage title or not.

    Tahoe guest

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    Well put!
    Here, let me make you feel better. If you are crazy I am obviously certifiable. I bought my '89 iX for $1600 a bit over a year ago. Here is the list of work done on it, almost all by me. But it was fun and I love driving the car.

    All the following done at Mileage: 160,525. (Who did work if other than me.) - Date completed:

    Engine and Drivetrain:
     Fix intake pre-heater coolant leak. Replaced gasket. - 11/10/08
     Replace coolant level sensor. - 12/19/08
     Machine cylinder head square and replace valve guides. (Valley Motorwerks) - 3/09
     Install new head gasket. - 9/09
     New valve cover gasket. - 9/09
     Replace timing belt & tensioner. - 9/09
     Replace all other belts. - 9/09.
     Replace Idle control valve to throttle body cracked little intake hose. - 9/09
     Install new H2O pump, thermostat & thermostat housing. - 9/09
     Repair intake fittings. - gasket seal.
     Install new air filter. - 9/09
     Change oil & filter. Castrol Syntec 5w30 - 9/09
     Install new NGK spark plugs. - 10/19/09
     Install new distributor cap & rotor. - 10/09
     Install new all coolant hoses. - 10/09
     Change BMW coolant. - 10/09
     New radiator drain plug. - 10/09
     Install new 02 sensor. - 11/09
     Install new fuel filter. - 11/09
     Replace dead automatic transmission with used 5 spd. manual, transfer case, Peddles, etc. ** 93,763 miles on the transmission and transfer case.
    Picked up 12/26/08. Installed - 7/09
     Change trans. fluid. Redline MTL - 7/09
     Change transfer case fluid. Redline D4ATF. + - 1.5 pint. - 7/09
     Install new clutch slave cylinder.
     Install UUC Short Shift Kit in transmission. - 6/09
     Install new Clutch kit*: clutch, throw-out bearing, pressure plate etc. - 6/09
     Install new guibos in driveshafts. - 7/09
     Replace leaking front differential pan gasket. - 10/18/09
     Change front differential oil. Redline 75W90. - 10/18/09
     Change rear differential oil. Redline 75W90. - 12/09
     Adjust valves. (Valley Motorwerks) - 12/25/09
    Yet to do: Replace leaking right rear axle seal.

    Suspension, Brakes & Steering:
     Replace front brake sensor. - 12/2/08
     Check suspension parts: tie rods, control arms, etc.
     Change brake/clutch fluid. (DOT 4) - 10/30/09
     Replace front axle boots. (Bavarian Auto Haus, Reno) - 11/17/09
     Replace right side tie rod end. - 11/22/09.
     Replace struts & shocks. Bilstein HD, HD rear mounts, reinforcement plates, gaskets. - 11/09
     Replace front sway bar links. - 11/09
     Replace rear suspension bushings - rear trailing arm bushings, sub-frame mounts. (Valley Motorwerks) - 1/8/10.
     Install stainless brake lines. - 12/30/09
     2 wheel alignment. (Valley Motorwerks) - 1/11/10
    Yet to do: Fix power steering leak @ pump - hose?.
     Change power steering fluid. Redline.
    Yet to do: Change control arms. - Bekkers sells C-arm assemblies for $180 + -

    Body and Interior:
     Replace driver's seatbelt receiver. - 11/7/08
     Replace rear window defroster button. - 11/7/08
     Fix interior lights. - 11/7/08
     Replace rear passenger window switch. - 11/7/08
     Reattach driver's cup holder. - 11/8/08
     Fix broken passenger's cup holder. - 11/8/08
     Fix system monitor. - 11/8/08
     Fix glove box & glove box light. - 11/8/08
     Fix climate control light. - 11/8/08
     Fix computer lights. - 11/08.
     Replace emergency brake handle cover.
     Replace rear stereo speakers. - 12/3/08
     Install used 3 spoke 325is M-sport steering wheel. -12/ 27/08
     Replace missing rain gutter chrome clip.
     Repair right side A-pillar vinyl.
     Fix cracked dash with Permatex Dash Repair. Attempted 11/16/08. Failed (looks like crap).
     Fix speedometer. - North Hollywood speedometer. - 9/09
     Replace broken left, front wheel liner. - 10/09
     Install stock shift boot.
     Install BMW leather 5 spd. anatomic shift knob.
     Replace front spoiler oil cooler insert.
     Replace radio antenna mast. - 11/22/09
     Replace broken antenna grommet - 11/22/09
     Replace missing hub cap.
     Replace broken front door threshold plastic L. & R.
     Replace hood Roundel.
     Replace seat belt slide stop button.
     Replace front seats with Sport seats.
     Replace wiper blades.
     Replace broken hood release cable (Valley Motorwerks) - 1/11/10
     Install WeatherTech floor mats.
     Install leather steering wheel cover. - red & black. *
     Install new rear console.
     Install snow tires.
     Route Valentine One wire.
     Install dash Coverlay. *
     Clean, polish, wax & detail. 1/17/10
     Replace fog lights. ** Invoice # I148914 - 1/19/10
     Clean and lube sunroof track. - 1/16/10
     Replace felt under rear seat. - 1/16/10
     Replace headlights with Euro ellipsoids **. - Ordered 1/14/10 Invoice # I148914.
     Install Hella H1 bulbs in headlights. * - 1/10
     Install urethane headlight covers. * - 2/4/10
     Make protective interior trunk lid panels. - 1/10
     Install sheep skin seat covers - 2/10
     Tool - Hub Cap Removal for cross spoke BBS wheels. *
     Replace turn signal switch ** - Invoice # I148914. 1/31/10
     Make cruise control work (switch). 2/4/10
     Make side markers blink with turn signals. - 2/7/10
     Resurface rear turn signals red. - 2/21/10
     Install BMW mud flaps.

    Yet to do:
    Fix driver's door lock. Order w/ VIN to match car. Ignition can be re-coded to match.
    Replace rear window & seal with updated defrost strips glass.
    Clean and lube outside mirror motors.
    Repair/recharge air conditioner.
    Repair & refurbish all 5 BBS basketweave wheels.
    Rewire fog lights to light without low beams.

    Spare "Main Relay (Part No. 61 36 1 729 004)
    Recover rear seats to match front fabric.
    Tool - BMW Screwdriver - for factory trunk mounted tool kit. *
    Code reader/reset tool.
    ECU chip. MAF sensor & housing. - Miller Performance. H & R Springs.
    Stiffer rear sway bar.
    Strut brace.
    Rear window tint.
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    Your right...your nutts!!!!!! I can understand, I race motocycles too. My current is 99 ZRX 1100 Eddie Lawson rep. I've got over 6 K in her not counting the purchase price of 3K. The first Elenore 99 gave it up to a deer on 33 in VA. I hit all the rallys and really love the bike. I've had a 73 900 Z-1 and 94 900SS Ducati as well on the track. Old Z-1 was in my early army years drag racing every weekend as a yound LT in 101st. There is nothing like turning wrenches when your in the mood!

    Plan is to sell the RED Rooster as I call her. Find a really nice, low mileage E 30 325is for 5 ot 7 K to drive for a few years and add some upgrades. Then its off to find MY 88/89 M3. Its only money, you can't take it with you and everybody needs a dream. Did I mention I sold a 65 Shelby GT 350 for 20 K in 93!! What a bonehead. I sold it prior to leaving 5th SFG(A), must have been the desert sand in my head. I think its in Kentucky some place, not sure.

    I'm also in love with the 2011 Shelby GT 350....my wife says she's going to buy me one....small die cast model!!!!

    Great hearing that there are other low hanging fruits on the E30 tree!

    Zdaneman sends

    Tahoe guest

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    Zdaneman: Thanks for the confirmation. In reality working on that car kept me sane during a difficult time. Wrenching can be quite therapeutic, as you know. When my wife would ask me where I was going. I would tell her that I was off to play with my little red head. I've had a few automotive regrets as well but the stupidest was letting a pristine 39 Packard sedan go for $300. It's a long and ugly story.
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    Great story! 39 Packard for 300.00! Yeah, that beats me by far. My wife liked your little red head comment too! She walks into the garage and looks at the 2006 Z4 Conv 3.0si and then looks at my E30 and says, "My, that sure is a pretty 35K BMW you've got there"!

    She knows I love my E30s. We got her 2006 Z4 for just over 23K with 21K miles and the car is pretty cherry. It is a true Roadster. It reminds me of the several AC Shelby Cobra's I've ridden in other years by its long nose, short trunk and the rapid accleration when you drop your foot on the go lever. It's an automatic, but has manual select and butterfly shift on the steering wheel, which is lots of fun when I'm in it alone. Its tight on the corners and handles almost as well as a race prepped E30. However, about 4 hours is about as long as you want to sit in it. The stiff suspension can be tiring on a long road trip. I love to drive it into the Shenandoah Mountains and spank it butt!

    Good luck with the maintenance...I'm putting mine up for sale in the spring and go on the hunt for a really well maintained and super clean 88/89 325is, but mine too must be a Red Head!

    Zdaneman sends
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Playing with a friendly redhead

    When I bought my first boat, I wondered about the name---Goodbye Dear. It turned out to be what the guy who built her said every day after breakfast as he went out to work on her! Very skookum boat for a plywood flat-bottomed gaff-rigged cutter.

    I believe the Bad Dog tops all for E30 Madness. You do NOT want to start adding up the bills when you drag a carcass to Steve Dinan and say, "Steve, how 'bout you build a motor using some of that old turbo chit you have lying around the place?"

    Heck, it only took him six years. . .
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    Satch has made an appearance in the E30 section? I'm confused!! :confused:
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Say what?

    1. Hell, they let me in almost anywhere---a total lack of standards.

    2. Yes, I am down to just one E30 these days, but that's not my fault.
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    FAULT??? Blasphemy!

    Tahoe guest

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    Satch, Isn't the Bad Dog an iX? How does the front driveshaft and VC handle all of that power? After hearing about your car I had a fleeting thought about dropping mine off at Steve's but then I thought I might want to actually retire someday.

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