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Hello fellow Bimmerheads

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Autohaus, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I got my first BMW back in December 1996, a 1987 528e. After all these years, I still got it! It has the E34 BBS wheels, 535is front air dam, bilsteins and bav auto springs. It currenty has 225K miles on it. She is a keeper. My second bimmer was in August 1999 when I purchased a 1992 535i. After 7 years of fun (and a head gasket :mad:) she was totalled when I got hit in the drivers side fender. Currenty she is with the BMW Gods. My third BMW was a 1999 528i sport that I gave to my wife to replace her 2001 Toyota. Aren't the E39's great cars? My fourth BMW was a 1992 525i as I bought right after my 535i got totalled. That car was sweet. M50's are so smooth and silky. The 5-speed allowed me to rev up the somewhat underpowered power-plant. Sadly, I had to let her go last year as I was in between jobs. My fifth BMW is a 2001 525i 5-speed. This is my daily driver. Didn't I mention the E39's are nice? It is not the sport, however, she sits as low as the sport and has the style 5 wheels. Again, the 5-speed lets me rev her up. My 6th BMW is a 2003 325xi for my wife. We sold the 1999 528i for it. Still is under the CPO warranty and has the maintenance package (which means virtually no maintenance). This E46 is rare, as it has the full screen DVD nav in it. Haven't seen many E46's with this option. So in total, there are 3 in the household, 1987 528e, 2001 525i and 2003 325xi. Next bimmer will have to be an E31. Anyone in the Hudson Valley area?

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