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Headlamps on the 2011 328i Xdrive

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by KarenBruch, Nov 11, 2019.

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    It seems I now have the road immediately in front of the car thoroughly illuminated The left headlight is pointed straight down. It is the "projector Lamp" I believe.
    I asked my very handy husband to go check it out, and he smugly replied "sure, that's easy to do!" He walked out to the drive with his usual "it's only a machine" attitude...and after about 30 minutes he came back in looking thoroughly exasperated and confused. I figured this would not be the ideal time to inquire as to his discoveries and let him be while he quietly sat down in front of the computer and started researching the "issue" that I had presented him. His demeanor continued to slide into the depths as he dug into the internet and the abysmal morass of sales offers, YouTube "fix it yourself" videos, and "pay for advice" bulletin boards. Mumbling to himself about "in my day...", "they want how much?", and "I may not live long enough to finish this if I start", he continued digging. Finally, He looked up, stared into vacant space, and stated "take it to the dealer". He then wandered off into the house looking defeated and lost.
    He has been a proponent of the BMWCCA and has always made it a point that I should be a member, if for nothing more than the discounts available from the Dealer. And so I offered to try to find the answer to the issue. So I ask., is this an issue that can be repaired, or does this mean I need to take out a second mortgage for a whole new headlight assembly?
    Please help, he is starting to question his ability to function in this modern world.
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    If you have the a xenon headlight they have a swivel and height adjustment motors build into them. The problem could be with the motor adjusters or the control unit that moves these motors. Could you attach a picture of the headlight issue? So I can try my best to help with a cost effective repair. Also do you have any warning lights on in the vehicle?

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