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Head Scratching Running Issue

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by db2002, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I have a 72 2002 that i have put countless hours of work into, but it still retains a few old car gremlins. The latest one ive encountered (and one of the more confusing to date) is an issue it has with idling. When in neutral with the clutch up it will hold its idle right around 1,000 rpm, however as soon as i depress the clutch the idle will drop to as low as 200 rpm and often times it will just die completely. This happens under all circumstances, from warming it up in the parking lot to coming off the highway after a run at speed. However, it runs well as long as i am modulating the throttle or its in neutral. Any ideas? any help at all would be greatly appreciated

    Also, the oil pressure light comes on at idle and remains on until around 2,000 rpm, where it will turn off. This could come from a variety of things (bad oil pump, blown head gasket, bad valves, etc) but does anyone have an idea of what is the most likely source?

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    I can't tell you what the

    I can't tell you what the source of your idling problem is, but I can refer you to the number one source for a fast and always reliable answer. The BMW 2002 FAQ Forums. I highly reccomend that you register, (if you haven't already) ..log in, and search their archives before posting your car's symptoms. You'll more then likey be able to answer your own questions. Good luck!
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    Oil pressure light

    The most likely cause for this is the oil pressure sending switch. They have always been cheap junk and they fail on all BMWs that use them. Change it first before looking into anything else. The things cost under $10, they're available at all auto parts stores, and they change out in about five minutes (assuming it takes you three minutes to find the correct wrench). You can't even diagnose anything else this cheaply.

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