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Having moon roof problems try this

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by 06red330i, Feb 23, 2014.

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    The moon roof on my e90 06 325i wasn't sealing closed all way. I did an internet search and found a forum were a gentleman from South Africa posted the following fix:
    put the key fob in the slot and press the start/stop button without pressing the brake or clutch
    next push and continue pushing the moon roof button like you are trying to put it in the vent position, it wont open right away but will after 10-20 seconds, once it opens continue to push the button, after a few more seconds the roof will close, then open completely, then will close completely.
    once the roof has totally closed your moon roof should work properly.
    remember do not stop pushing the roof button during the whole process or you'll have to start over.
    What you have done here is to re-initialize the roof opening and closing program.
    My moon roof now shuts completely. Saved an expensive trip to the dealer.
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    Thanks for the write up.

    06red330i guest

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    This applies to e90 not e46, I typed the wrong year originally

    06red330i guest

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    please move this to e90 forum

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