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Have you guys checked out this site?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by chicane, May 13, 2010.

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    I have, and I have to admit as a longtime realoem.com user...

    .........the penskeparts.com is much more informative and much easier to use website. It LOOKS better too.

    I find it to be a very compelling alternative to realoem.com
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    Brian A

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    And it has a real shopping cart and real prices, unlike realoem.

    M3Driver guest

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    Nice! Thanks for the link.

    e46Phil guest

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    Thanks for the site, just added it to the bookmarks.
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    (too short?)
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    +1 Thanks

    Too short woot!

    HIt the 'ol rep button also
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    nice find!
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    This is way easier than realoem. Thanks!
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    Prices look pretty much like MSRP, i.e. not discounted.
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    They now have a 10% discount for CCA members....off LIST. :rolleyes:

    Convenient but $$$

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