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Has anyone?

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by jonathonlorek, Aug 17, 2009.

    jonathonlorek guest

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    Has any one added bluetooth to their pre march of 2004 built E60 through a TCU replacement? If you have any experience with this please let me know.


    jonathonlorek guest

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    Reply to myself

    Ok, tonight I'm going to take off my TCU and look on the back side for a sticker and verify it is not one of the models listed under SI 84 15 05 which dictates what TCU models from 7/03 through 3/04 DO NOT have the ability of being updated via software to activate and use bluetooth.

    The models are:

    84116 937338
    84116 938782
    84116 942592

    According to my indy shop they are more than willing to perform this update for a simple $150.

    They also stated that I have a bluetooth antenna onboard as well.

    Very interesting. Any thoughts?

    I've also attached the SI for viewing

    jonathonlorek guest

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    I found out that my nearby dealers will not replace my TCU unless it fails because they have problems with multiple computers in the car failing and needing replacement.

    I discussed the computer failures at the dealer with my indy shop and they said that all dealers are required to have the same firmware on each computer in the car when it leaves the shop.

    Therefor, when the TCU is changed the associated computer has a newer firmware and they are forced to up date all the other computers in the car. This explains why when anyone goes the dealer for programming a 2 hour project turns into a 2 day project.

    My indy shop said there is no problem having the computers on different firmware levels and that BMW forces the dealer to update the entire car, indy shops are not required to adhere to that policy.

    I think this is very interesting. I'm having my indy shop install a new TCU next week and we'll see how things go. Whenever I've had the car at the dealer for any updates, maintenance, warranty items, or recalls that the software updates take FOREVER!
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    I replaced my TCU with one from Bimmernav. com then too it to the dealer and had it coded it
    I can get you the part number off it if you want

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