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Hard top for an 87 convertible

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by 334241, Apr 8, 2008.

    334241 guest

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    Is there a hard top available for the 87 e30 convertible. I also need to replace my soft top any suggestion on aftermarket tops?
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    There is a hard top, they're rare as hen's teeth. And expensive....If it tells you anything, I paid more for the top for my car than I did for the car. Ebay, Craigs, and every BMW group (google, yahoo, etc) that you can find......it's usually pretty tough. Good luck. And well worth the effort, i must say. I've even got people waiting for the day my car dies to buy the top off of me (if the top survives the death of the machine, that is)

    jmalter guest

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    hee, look at the bright side - my bro-in-law's restoring a 1912 Buick, its soft-top is truly ragged! No doubt he'll be able to exchange $$ for a new replacement, but where's he gonna find his windshield glass?

    I remember seeing an aftermarket 'moonroof' (glass sunroof, included a slide-out headliner panel) for E30s, wish i'd bought one when it was available. Prob'ly a lot of my suspension parts are 'no longer available', too.
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    Definitely keep your eyes peeled. I've seen people STEAL them for less than $500. And, I've seen them go on ebay for well over $1,800. They are VERY hard to find!
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    Greg E34

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    Guilty of theft! I had been searching for one since I bought by cabrio about 4 years ago. Found one on the bay about 3 months ago and was able to snag it for under $500. There are probably warrants out for me now!

    Without a doubt this is the best purchase I have made for my cabby. Just ordered the hoist for the garage ceiling this week.

    my73bimmer guest

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    David W Hall guest

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    Hard top for sale

    I recently decided to sell my hard top from my '88. Don't have much use for it in NC and it is off more than on. Was hopeing to get $1000ish for it. Have no idea about what shipping it would cost. It is very good shape. New liner and rear window defroster works. I can send pics if interested. Was going to put on Ebay and see what happens.

    E30 Cabrio guest

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    They are expensive and the rubber seals are very costly as well.

    If you buy a HT, check the rubber seals as they can be over $1000.00 for both of them from the dealer.

    From www.realoem.com:

    RUBBER SEALING 1 54211962050 $750.51
    REAR SEALING 1 54211976989 $323.64

    desertVert guest

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    Wow. Everyone selling on the east coast. Anybody this side of Texas selling one? :)

    punchesdfw guest

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    My Son in Ft Worth may want to sell his.

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