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Hard Drive Navigation Retro Fit?

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by toddlogan, Sep 19, 2010.

    toddlogan guest

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    I have a 2008 528i (LCI). The 2010 models (pre F10s) had a beautiful hard drive based navigation system. Does anybody know if that can be retro fitted into my car?


    sjzking408 guest

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    I don't think so. I belive you have to change out bumch of stuff. CCC Screen, Computer, drive bay, trim panel, nobs. I don't think anyone has accomplished a successful retro-fit.
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    It truly isn't worth the cost, time, and effort for a system that's already outddated.

    jwest guest

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    Wow, nice to see people just blabbing nonsene instead of just not replying when they don't actually know the truth in the matter.

    People seem to "assume" it can't be done or isn't worth the cost, to them, a cost they don't even know the number of....anyway, see below.


    It's basically no big deal and doesn't cost much (in my opinion) if you are a late model bmw buyer to begin with.
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    One could ask the same of you JWest...

    ...are you here to clear the air, or just throw more gasoline on the fire by adding more of your own acid to an already increasingly toxic atmosphere? Fewer "opinion leaders" and more fact finders please.

    It's ironic that you left out the most important part of the information requested: the cost, which I found on the last thread of your link.

    jwest guest

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    The OP, did not ask for cost whatsoever. Therefor, it is certainly not the most important part.

    THE most important part is that it CAN be done.

    To me, the cost you listed, is perfectly fine. In fact it's not far off an aftermarket top of the line system.

    so, there you go, facts. ;) Cool down now.

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