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Green Mountain Chapter Get Together 3/28

Discussion in 'North Atlantic Region' started by TeamStowell, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chapter,

    Second reminder for the big round two! This coming Saturday, the 28th, we are back to The Automaster, with more door prizes. (Hopefully we have seen the last of the polka-dotted pillows!)

    We have big surprise coming on Saturday for the event. I'll give you some hints. It's German, been recently restored, has 2002 in its name, and I'm told that it looks really nice. Bring your camera.

    The tour of the new 1 series should be interesting, as well.

    Let's call it "March Meeting Madness". As your events committee starts putting the schedule together for the upcoming summer and fall events, (info on the way), we hope to get you all back for some more Dinky Donuts, Chef Jacques Lefrancois brewed coffee, and more fun and games with our hosts, The Automaster. All this before we start having some "Southern Tier" meetings and events.

    The first event was great, and we (the board) all wanted to thank you for coming out to meet and greet, and enjoy the hospitality of the biggest, the best, the friendliest BMW Dealership in the whole state of Vermont!

    March 28th, Saturday, at The Automaster, (don't forget to park over by the economy pavilion, where they keep the Porshas) and join us for a presentation on the new 1 series in all it's flavors, and your opportunity to speak up and tell us what you want from your car club. We did a lot of the talking at the first meeting, now it's your turn.

    Agenda looks something like this:

    9:30 AM Meet and greet with more Dinky Donuts and coffee
    10:00 AM Program on the 1 Series
    11:30 AM General Meeting for the members to speak up
    12:30 PM Mingle, mingle, mingle

    Hope you can join us. We are hoping for more than the 30 that came to the Diesel and Fries, and promise to be even more organized than the first one. This is an important one, because the board is batting around all the event ideas for this summer and fall, and we really, really, really, need some input. By the way, there is big news about a national figure on the BMWCCA scene that is moving to our area soon. (Hint: You can read his stuff monthly in Roundel)

    Anyway, can't wait to see everyone and hear what you have to say. Put it/us/you in your calendar for the 28th of March, in Shelburne, Vermont.

    This just in: We met with the people in Stowe yesterday regarding the October Event, and we need your input. We have a big decision to make and would like as many in on it as possible.

    Also, I/we are looking for comments on the new format and content in the March Newsletter. Everyone should have one in the next day or so. Keep your eyes on the mailbox.

    Seeya out there,


    Lawrence J. Gold
    Green Mountain Chapter BMWCCA
    7 Meadowlake Drive
    Mendon, VT 05701 USA
    802.773.6098 Fax
    802.747.8094 Cell

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