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Go Paperless

Discussion in 'Roundel Magazine' started by shawnfcasey, May 14, 2014.


Anyone else wnat to "Go Paperless"?

Poll closed Aug 14, 2014.
YES 1 vote(s) 20.0%
NO 4 vote(s) 80.0%
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    shawnfcasey 2002 Z3 Roadster

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    When renewing my membership is there a way to “Go Paperless” and only get the Roundel online? I don’t need the extra paper or the cost. I am trying to be as “green” as I can.

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    As far as I know, prior posts on the subject have indicated some kind of procedural complications, I think something to do with the member list database or something, for being able to opt-out of the printed Roundel. The e-Roundel is a feature that has been added relatively recently - the expense associated with producing such a high-quality monthly edition is substantial, so I doubt it's likely the club would ever be offering some sort of reduced-rate membership if one were able to decline the printed version, and still be able to deliver quality content. Hopefully, your community doesn't charge you, at least directly, for recycling, either by weight or volume. Except for the potential for that kind of cost, not quite sure what monetary cost the print edition of the Roundel might be.

    I like & enjoy the printed Roundel & other mainstream mags to which I subscribe, so I could care less about going paperless; they'll grow more trees - so, for this poll, I vote no. If there's enough demand from club members to opt-out of receiving a printed Roundel and there's a workable way to do it that doesn't cost the club a further arm & a leg, I'd be all for members being able to have that option, however. Since the cost of publishing the Roundel is built into membership regardless, and there is the option of the e-version (assuming it works, of course; technology is fabulous - when it works...; when it doesn't, it can be so frustrating as to make one want to scream, pull their hair out, and crush the inexplicably non-working piece of technology under the front wheel of a steam roller), then you can read the e-version Roundel, and obviously don't have to do anything with the printed Roundel when you get it; you can throw it away or pitch it in the recycling bin, or whatever.

    Kind of a lost opportunity though - I keep mine, but if I didn't, I'd probably throw it in the back seat pocket of the car to give to any prospective club member I might come across as perhaps one of the best ways to tangibly share the 'CCA with other enthusiasts, which might also become referred members, whose joining of the club would get me chances to win a prize in the annual membership drive, if they were to use my membership number as a referring member when signing up. My 29 yrs. worth of Roundels live on a couple of shelves, but, unlike me & my monthly-expanding Roundel collection, _you_ have the distinct opportunity of actually doing something beneficial with each one that arrives in the mailbox! As for me, I'll stick to avoiding the frustration of freezes, lockups, crashes, buffering, browser wonkiness, power-outages, no-battery-life-left, etc. by opting for the old-school reading methodology of plopping down anywhere with enough ambient light and no worries of wi-fi signal strength, and using one's fingers to turn the pages after they're read! :D

    Oh.. by the way - welcome to the club & forums!
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    +1 for paperless option. I'm fine paying full price but opting out of receiving paper, nice as it is.

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