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Fuel Pump Noise

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by Bcary, May 29, 2012.

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    Recently started hearing an off and on sound, kind of like the tone a buoy or channel marker makes in the fog, coming from underneath my 740 i (2001) .. local gas station looked at it and said it is coming from the fuel pump ... does anyone know whether this is something indicative that it is about to fail or is it something that can last for awhile ... there is not performance issue at this point .. the car is running fine even if I fully accelerate
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    steven s

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    Can't comment on a 7, but my last 2 fuel pumps gave me the warning of hard starting.
    It wasn't more than a few weeks when they gave out.
    One fortunately gave out in my driveway.
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    everytime my fuel pumps go up, it sounds like a lawn mower in the distance. when you hear that, you dont have much longer. a few days at best.

    good thing is, if you fuel pump is accessible, you can try banging on it with a wrench or something while trying to start the car. it can get the FP motor spinning again and it will not quit while running. It would be good enough to get you home and order another pump, or to a service center if thats your poison.
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    my 91 does the same thing it is the fuel pump going out ..

    try not to run on low gas to prevent you from getting randomly stuck ..

    should be simple to change yourself
    remove rear seats and walla or you can go here and step by step will show you


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