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Frozen Paint or wrap?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DWBMW2018, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Looking for the pro's and cons to frozen paint. Is a wrap better than having to work with frozen paint?
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    No direct experience with either, but, as I understand it, the frozen paint requires very specific care techniques to maintain the flat (textured?) finish. I presume there would be no running through car washes or regular ol' hand washes - probably best done by yourself following the specific requirements. Possible risk of losing it if too much hand pressure applied hand-washing.

    Wraps are supposed to be removable - given that, presumably, some kind of adhesive is involved, I'd be a bit skeptical wraps can be pulled without some negative effect on the actual finish or clear-coat, despite claims to the contrary. I'd be reasonably sure, the best result for a wrap would be achieved by a professional experienced doing it - depending on how ambitious or picky you are about the final result, I'd presume one could do it, although my guess is it would take quite some time to get as close to a pro-done result as possible. I don't know how durable wraps are vs. paint over time, though I'd expect weather and sun exposure negatively effect a wrap more, vs. paint.
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    Frozen paint is a pain to clean and keep nice. You need specific cleaning products and technics to care for this paint or it gets ruined. The wrap is much easier to maintain and if something happens you just peel and replace it again.

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