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first BMW

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by chelms333, Mar 18, 2008.

    chelms333 guest

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    Im going to be buying my first BMW mid-summer, and I was just looking to get some imput on what would be a wise choice for my circumstances. I will be 18, looking at around 15-20k, I've got some hook-ups.

    I deffinately starting out with a 3-series, and looking around I can't decide between a 325 or a 330. Can you really tell the difference when driving? and is it worth the price difference? Im not BMW savvy yet, but hopefully once I buy my first one, I will become the master.

    Anyway, anything you have to say really would be the best, no real "question" just looking for input on what you think would be a good first bmw.

    ppimpinella guest

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    Just bought my first 2005 325xi 5 sp manual with 27K mileage. I must say, I'm hooked for life. Even being just a 325xi, the interior is like a cockpit and the engine sounds fantastic. I test drove a 2004 330xi and my car. although you can slightly tell the difference in hp, the 325 is really all you need. good luck!
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    I bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2002 325i for $28K five years ago. Very grateful for the extended warranty; it's saved me mega bucks. Be forewarned...repair costs on a Beamer are surprisingly high. Average brake job (at a shop, not the dealer) will cost you at least $450. Good luck with your purchase. I still love my car, but wish it wasn't so expensive to maintain.

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