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First AutoX of the Season is over with!

Discussion in 'Autocross' started by herbstz4m, Apr 2, 2013.

    herbstz4m guest

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    Even with 4 inches on the ground on Monday, Saturday was a 50+F day for our first autocross. It was a non points event, just a fun day to shake the cobwebs off

    Fastest run from Saturday. Car didn't want to put power down, seemed to be upset everywhere on the course, and my inputs were really choppy.

    Despite getting owned by a Miata in RTR, finished a respectable 2nd in class and more importantly 12th in PAX even with the trouble I was having....

    C&C appreciated.

    Second fastest time of day, and less lunatic-ish

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    Smooth out your throttle inputs and make it more flowing. If the Evolution Driving School is scheduled in your area take the classes. It will reap you many rewards. Your biggest way to improve your times is to fix the nut behind the wheel. :)

    herbstz4m guest

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    I know my throttle modulation sucks, this is my first time using an external mic so I really got to know how the throttle was....all prior videos it was muffled from the wind noise.

    I really do need to look at an Evo School...there is one very close but it is during my graduation. I'll have to find one somewhere. Hopefully by the time I do an Evo School I'll know what is going on with all of the "street stock" and if my car will make it into STR/STU...etc.

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