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Feel really funny

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by adahy22, Sep 8, 2008.

    adahy22 guest

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    So ,the thing is i don t drive a bmw but a 2002 mustang gt ,but i join the club anyways because i have a friend that drive one and took me to a autocross event which was awesome !!!!
    ,i talk to a couple of guys while being the passenger and they say it will be great if you join to compare cars and have fun.
    At the autocross i saw honda,mitsubishi,porsche,subaru ...and etc
    so why not a ford.
    The main really i like to participate is the mustang clubs are all rednecks and being from france myself i just can deal with it.
    all they want to do is go to the drag strip and see who cars is faster which is really stupid and straight ,how boring
    I like the curves and slalom ,drifting you know 'that s where the skills come.
    the reason is i feel funny is the club is for bmw but i m here with a ford so i hope it s not going to be a problem
    it would be cool if the mods would do a OTHER CAR thread to talk about other cars or driving knowledges
    thanks guys
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    Welcome!! :D Glad you are here even though you don't have a BMW. Now maybe some of us can convince you to buy one! :D I have never owned or driven a Mustang, but from what I know of them, they really are suited for going fast in a straight line, not the curves. I would guess you would really like a 540i, 545i, or 550i (V8 by the way) with sport package. Put a nice exhaust on it and you will still get that nice V8 thrill and sound.

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    Welcome to the club!! There's no reason to feel funny that you don't own a BMW (yet), when I first joined the club 18 years ago, I owned a Miata and joined for the exact same reason you did...I got invited to go to an autocross in my Miata and fell in love with the sport (and the club).

    18 years (and 7 BMWs later), I'm still in love with both of them!!

    It's as much a club of pure car enthusiasts as it is just BMW enthusiasts. Although, once you start driving the BMWs it's really hard to drive anything else.

    adahy22 guest

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    yes, i was getting scared because no one reply lol
    i would like to own a bmw but are a little pricy and maintenance is so expensive plus the modifications for a bmw are 3-4 times as much as ford so that s the reason why i got a ford.
    But i hope for me in a long term i would be able to own one
    they look aesome on the autocross course.

    marcmergen guest

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    My old school chum, Mark Fields (SVP - Ford), thanks you I'm sure... :D

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