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Feedback on 2016 340 ix ?

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by Airdog, Mar 4, 2016.

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    I have been a member since 2001, and finally purchased my first BMW.

    2016 340ix with M Sport, Track, Tech, Lighting, Driver Assistance & cold weather packages, 19" 442 M Orbit wheels. Grey Metallic/coffee.

    I am interested in feedback (performance, handling, upgrades, pros/cons of 340 motor, etc.) from members who have experience with the 340.

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    Congrats! & welcome to the forums! The 340 is new enough, don't know that we'd have many around that will also have one to share thoughts. As for upgrades with a new car, unless you specifically have things in mind, I'd say live with it for awhile & see if there's anything you find you might want to change or tweak. Not untypical for new bimmers to come w/ some pretty sticky hi-perf tires (140 treadwear rating), don't be too surprised if the rears need replacing by 19k miles. I think these guys had a vendor booth @ O'Fest last year - if you've bought instead of leased & plan to keep it as long as possible, then something like this might be worth considering - not sure if new paint needs a curing time, but would be a question worth asking if you consider paint protection films - http://www.xpel.com/products-paint-protection/
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    Congrats on the new ride. Not much out there for upgrades yet give it a year and there will be plenty. The B58 engine is quite new as well so any issues only time will tell. I do know the manual 340i does have a service action to inspect the bearings. From the ones I have driven a few and they are really nice and handle very well.
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    just picked up a 340xi drive (2016) M-Sport package Glacier Silver.....not much to upgrade as has been said...
    FWIW....I'd drive the car for at least a year...see what you like and what you don't and take it from there...
    as it is an x-drive I'm not sure you want to mess with suspension bits kind of defeats the purpose...the only thing I'm considering is dumping the run-flats when it needs new tires...I did that on my X1 3-5 M-Sport and the ride is so much quieter and it drives nicer...enjoy the new ride....it is so much quicker than my sons E92 335 xdrive coupe

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