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Favorite E30 aftermarket 15" wheels

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by stevehecht, Dec 13, 2008.

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    My favorite is the Ronal LS Mesh (in my avatar/sig photo) but they're NA now. Anyone want to post some other favorites?

    EDIT: We're talking 4-bolt here, not 5.
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    Same - the Ronal LS's look fantastic! I also love the BBS RG-F's you can get from the Tire Rack in 15" on the car, though those are really expensive.

    There isn't much else I like in 15"...
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    Second the Ronals...:p

    z31maniac guest

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    Ronal Turbo's or Schimdt TH Lines. Although not really a fan of 15s or fender gap.

    16's with a wide lip or 17s.
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    My favorite is the vintage BBS RS rims. They came in 5 and 4 lug. Here is a picture of them. The M3 is my car with 16X8s and of course are 5 lug. The other picture is a an E30 with 4 lug ones. I also really like the Hartge and Aplina rims. There are just so many good choices out there. Unfortunately they are hard to come by anymore.

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    17s on an E30? You must not like driving your car much on the street. I don't like anything over a 16 on any E30 or E28 that is not tracked (and not even then.) 17s are heavier, which means you pay a weight penalty, steering and suspension penalty, braking and acceleration penalty and tire wear penalty. Not to mention the cost of tires, the NVH problems, and the fact that you need rubber bands on the wheels for them to be of the correct rolling radius which means that you will bend them if you find any potholes on the road. If it is striclty for looks, then fine, but the E30 is one of the greatest driver's cars and saddling it with large wheels is a mistake.
    15s on an average E30 are great, 16s are on the edge of too much for a car that is not used competitively.

    z31maniac guest

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    17s are the only way to get wider than a 225 in a street tire on the car. Since I'll be competing in our local SM street tire class, 235/40/17s will be a minimum. 215/40s are what my car rides on at the moment.

    My particular 17s are a bit heavy at around ~19lbs, much heavier than the 16" SSRs I had, but they are incredibly strong and I love the non-traditional look of them. I'd love to have some 17 x 9 SSR's, but I'm not going to spend the money to go 5 lug for them, maybe at some point but now. Also the convex shape of the spokes allows AMPLE room for larger brakes, which as counterintuitive as it may sound, the brakes I'm considering are larger and lighter than the stock setup, by a noticeable amount.

    NVH isn't as big a concern for some of us. I run Delrin engine and tranny mounts, coilovers, control arm bearings,camber/caster plates and poly RSM's.

    And I daily drive mine as long as there isn't ice/snow or a torrential downpour.

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