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F30 Manual ^ speed transmission

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by Ed McIlhenny, Mar 31, 2024.

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    Ed McIlhenny

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    2012 F30 335i, manual 6 speed, 34,000 miles, original owner. Tried to back out of a parking space, car would not go into reverse. Slight grinding noise when attempting. Dealer diagnosed shift fork/synchro problem. $9,000 to replace with new tranny, with 2 year warranty. BMW NA contacted and they responded with a good luck, have a nice day. Ideas?
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    You could try the club ombudsman, they might have insight if there's much chance of getting BMW to foot part of the bill.with

    Otherwise, and indy shop likely would have better labor rates, but sourcing a used manual tranny you could have reasonable faith in, via ebay, BMW used-parts houses, etc, is of course the other problem. Google searches particularly of the various large BMW-specific forums might yield some specifics as to whether a common issue or not. Sorry to hear though, obviously with a manual, clutches are about the only expected issue!

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