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F10 Navigation System

Discussion in 'F10/F11 (2010-present)' started by buckdebby, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I've search the forums for any postings on this topic but didn't see anything. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse. Nor can I find an appropriate forum to post this message, which is why I'm posting here.

    There are a lot of good things about the navigation system in the new F10 (such as the user interface and the high definition), but it has serious shortcomings when it comes to the fundamental job of navigating from Point A to Point B. I have many examples, but a good one is having the system figure out a route from my home to another city about 40 miles away on a very nice 4-lane road that has existed for many years. Rather than routing you on the correct and obvious road, it wants to first send you about 20 miles in the opposite direction and than over a hardcore mountainous 4WD forest service road that's normally closed with a locked gate - for a total distance of 92 miles rather than the 40 paved miles.

    It's not a problem with the navigation database but with the routing algorithm.

    My local BMW service center has been trying to work with BMW on this issue but can't get to first base; no feedback at all from BMW. They recommend I contact BMW myself, which I have done several times, and I get either no response or they tell me to contact my local service center.

    This 535ix is indeed a great car, so it puzzles me why BMW would tolerate such an inferior navigation system (particularly the seriously flawed routing algorithm). This is my eighth BMW (including M3's and M5's), and the F10 navigation system is significantly inferior to even the BMW navigation system I had in a 1999 5-series. The user interface is substantially better, but the fundamental job of correctly getting you from Point A to Point B gets a failing grade.

    If I were BMW, I'd be embarrassed.

    Does anyone have any insight on this problem and any information from BMW?
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    I own a 2011 328I and it also has a terribly flawed map database. They switched a couple years ago to the hard drive based system using tele-atlas. I have complained also to no avail. They said buy the $399 update and it may fix the problem. What a joke. We need a class action lawsuit. I will gladly participate.
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    @mrpaulsoucy - I had the same problem with my '10 E61. At first they offered a free update, but the update was no better than the original. I am a lawyer and threatened to sue them for the $1,900 option cost. They refunded my money. I was dealing directly with BMWNA and they know they have a problem. While not safety-related, it is as bad as HPFP in my opinion. I bought an '11 F10, and it has the same map issues.
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    Did you set the Nav for "Shortest," or "Quickest," or "No Tolls?" I may not have the category labels right, but changing them definitely affected route selection for me.

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