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Extended Warranty or CPO for 2006 325i with $26k miles ??

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by breckend, Feb 23, 2010.

    breckend guest

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    Just bought my first BMW today, still under warranty until June 2010, with 26k miles.
    I am bringing it to the BMW Seattle dealership tomorrow where the oil is being changed, they are doing a scope, etc., all covered under the service program.

    Should I consider doing the CPO or extended warranty program when my warranty is up in June?
    If so, any recommended third parties or haggle with BMW Seattle?

    Thank you!
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    Depends; how much did you buy the car for? If it's on the lower end of the scale, I'd say go for the CPO warranty, especially if you drive a lot and are guaranteed to put at least 50k on it by the time the CPO warranty expires.
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    When I bought my car in March, it came with CPO. I recently purchased the extended warranty that will cover it through 2012. If you look at the cost for maintenance such as brakes ($1,300 for the Z4) and the inspection II service, the warranty will pay for itself. Sure you could put the money in the bank and use it for maintenance, but the peace of mind in my case was worth the outlay. If we had an Indy shop or a comparable shop here, I might have thought twice about the warranty, but we do not.

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