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exhaust smell

Discussion in 'E31 (1991-1997)' started by johnsom2, Oct 22, 2016.

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    I have noticed an exhaust smell inside the car. This is worst now that its colder and the windows are closed. Is anyone aware of the source of an exhaust leak that could cause this.
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    You say worse - how bad is it with the windows open? Seems like if you can smell exhaust in a car with the windows open or windows open and driving, that would be a big exhaust leak into the car. Don't know the car for specific issues, but, perhaps a few possibilities - (also, what model? 8 cyl? 12 cyl?)

    Starting at the front, bad exhaust manifold gaskets or sealing rings where the exhaust manifolds mate up to the sections going further aft... if you have bad exhaust leaks under the hood, seems possible they might easily get picked up and blown in through the air ducts. Pop the hood, look around with a flashlight and listen, see if it smells fume-y underhood or if you can hear any exhaust leaks. Look for black staining at any exhaust junction. If the exhaust is leaking under the car, I'm not sure how it would be getting in - if the body's rusty, maybe something rusted through. Pull the spare and look around in the trunk - if a muffler can was perforated on the side and the spare tire well was rusted through and that coincidentally lined up, could have exhaust blowing in that way. If your taillight housings don't leak water, air leaks_could_ be possible, but again, not sure how exhaust fumes might enter that way. Listen from both sides of the car walking around it, see if you can pinpoint anything by ear. If you can't hear any exhaust leaks, then maybe a bit of a mystery that takes more time to pin down. See if anything sounds different revving the engine a bit too, sometimes things resonate more loudly at different rpm's.
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    Just had the same issue. Learned that the exhaust valves need to be replaced. Also had some antifreeze leaking. Getting repairs done now.
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    johnsom2 have you resolved the exhaust smell?

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