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exhaust smell in cabin.

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by Chegwidden, Jun 10, 2009.

    Chegwidden guest

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    sometimes when i hit a red light, ill come to a stop and as im sitting there i will get a whiff of exhaust. Sometimes i can attribute it to the windows being down and it coming in from outside. but other times ill have the windows up and the vents on and ill get a whiff when i stop. cant smell it at all as soon as i get going. I have my thoughts but i'd like another opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance


    saliao guest

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    Exhaust smell in cabin

    I recently purchased a 2006 750 Li. After a month or so, I started occasionally smelling exhaust smell or burned metallic smell in the cabin, when I drive in the sun or hot day for over 30 min. When I roll down the window, I can smell it too at times. I also noticed that when I opened the truck I could smell strong burned metallic smell (like exhaust). I sent the car to the dealer two times, complaining about this issue. Each time, the dealer would tell me that they could not duplicate the problem.

    I suspect that the smell came from the trunk, which permeate into the cabin. The air from the air duct smell clean and crispy when I stick nostrils in front of the vent at the time the cabin has the smell.

    About a month ago, I drove my car one wheel up to the curve at a parking lot and it came down hard on the bottom of the frame. I wonder if that incident had anything to do with this exhaust smell problem.I am really disappointed at the persistent issue that cannot be resolved.

    Aside from the fact that this is an expensive luxury car, I am also concerned about my health from inhaling this type of smell in a long run.

    Did anyone have similar problem, other than chegwidden who posted a similar problem?

    • Member


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    Any exhaust shop can check the system for leaks.

    But it could also be oil fumes from the cabin getting into the intake ducts (they are tricky to get properly sealed.

    Many E39' have leaky gaskets at the valve covers whith lets oil get onto the exhaust manifolds and that smeel gets into the cabin.

    Jim Cash

    saliao guest

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    Burning metallic/rubber tire smell in cabin

    Thanks for the reply, Jim:
    After taking my car two the dealer 2 prior times, the dealer would just tell me that they could not duplicate the smell I tried to described. Afterward, I did my own investigation. It turned out that the smell came from the trunk, most likely from the roof of the trunk. I took the car to the dealer the 3rd time. They let it sit in the hot sun for sometime and opened the trunk. They said the could smell the spare tire, which is covered under the carpet. They refused to open up the roof to check inside. They would just use the ionized machine to clean up the air or any residual odor/scent.

    It appears that this type of remedy is only cosmetic and suspect that the smell will come back again in a hot weather, or just in normal weather under California sun. I am extremely unhappy since I only purchased this 2006 750 Li in March of 2009 and the problem surfaced in May 2009.

    The service rep told me that he encountered about a dozen of similar complaint before. Aside from feeling discomfort and irritating on my throat, I am also concerned about possible harmful effect on human body from the smell.

    Any suggestion to get rid of this type of smell from the trunk that permeate into the cabin? I may have to return the car to the dealer or file a legal action to make them buy back the car.


    yetchtoo guest

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    Smell in cabin

    You need to check out the post by Yetchtoo, thats me. If you are smelling something from the trunk, odds are it is coming from the rear parcel shelf insulation.

    Cwalsh1109 guest

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    x2 on the rear parcel shelf. tell the dealer that you have a smell like melting wax crayons. (that's the description they use in the service bulletin). It's most prominent with the roof open. Leave something in the trunk for a few days and it will take on the odor. Then hand it to your service adviser and they should be able to handle it from there.

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