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Errors fixed: Can't link, can't update profile, can't join

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by Bill Howard, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Bill Howard

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    Apologies for the errors members and would-be members encountered over the weekend of March 8 when you joined the site and tried (unsuccessfully) to link your BMW CCA membership number, tried (unsuccessfully) to update your profile, or tried (unsuccessfully) to join as a new member.

    [floatleft] NetworkSwitch240.jpg [/floatleft]It was a hardware problem. A network switch - those reliable things that run for years and years without maintenance - failed inside the office and severed the relationship between the site overall and the firewalled member database. We've got a spare in its place and a shiny new switch due to arrive shortly. Later this week - we'll post a notice - we'll take 1-3 hours in the evening to install the new switch. During that time you'll have access to BMWCCA.org but not to member update/join/renew services.

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