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Engine service soon

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by VIN3540, May 19, 2008.

    VIN3540 guest

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    I really need help!

    I owner 2001 BMW 325CI. The "Engine Service Soon" light is on and off for couple times in the past. This time it won't turn off, it keeps stay on. I wonder if any can help me and how to reset the "Engine Service Soon" off. I don't want to take to the dealer, it is cost to much for the service. Thanks in advance.


    Autohaus guest

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    How many miles do you have on your ci? You don't need to take your car to a dealer. Find an independent BMW mechanic through Bimrs.org. Or just look in your local yellow pages for a shop that specializes in bimmers. Dealers will rape you for out of warranty repairs :eek:. Good luck.
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    Your OnBoard Diagnostic system has received 1 or more error messages from sensors monitoring engine performance relating to emission controls. A good BMW mechanic will be able to read the error codes and figure out what's happening. If the light has been on and off on its own before, it could have been something simple, like gas cap not properly fitted. It could be more serious. You can't reset the codes without the right equipment and if you don't fix the problem, the light will just come back on.

    mac townsend guest

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    this is a pretty new car, so there could be errors recorded that a tech would find important. resetting erases the old messages that might provide a lead.

    find an independent with Bosch certification.

    though the one around here charges worse than a dealer<G>

    on my old barge ('84 325E, 220,000+ miles and 24 yrs+) I'd reset the thing and wait for the error to reappear.

    on a "classic" like mine resetting can be done with a piece of wire...but I'd sure hesitate to do that on somebody else's car or on something newish.;)
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    If you've never tried this... you might want to.

    sometimes when a engine service light comes on it's because of the fuel injectors needing cleaning. I had this problem once with a Honda Prelude way back when.... I pulled on the side of the road, thinking it was something major. Pulled out the manual and it said to take it into the dealer as soon as possible. Stubborn as I am, went to the nearest auto parts store and bought two bottles of injector cleaner.... the only reason why I thought about it was, the engine was running ok, though it would not pick up immediately when the pedal was depressed... so I figured it was under par.

    Needless to say, the light went out and never came back on.

    so even with my bimmer I pour a bottle every now and then, just as a small PM between oil changes.

    You might want to also change your plugs... or check them out to see if they are fouling.

    jmo ;)

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