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Email thread notification being abused by spammers.

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by bcweir, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I'm experiencing a problem with what's known as "ghost spam" here on the forums.

    What I mean by "ghost spam" is that in one week, I have gotten spam messages from two users on this forum (I know who you are, so don't even try to deny it) where a spam message is posted on the board, then quickly deleted before it can be reported. Of course, an email notification has already been sent to my Inbox, along with a copy of the offending message.

    Well I've got news for you spammers. I'm onto you. I will be forwarding all "ghost spam" to the moderators from here on in (webmaster@bmwcca.org). Deleting it doesn't scrub the name of the BMWCCA member who posted the message, and that goes to the moderator also.

    Ghost spammers have been officially put on notice.
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    steven s

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    I deleted them as soon as I saw them.
    I believe I have isolated the problem and it was only happening in one forum.
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