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Electronic Steering Lock Problem

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by bgillespie, Oct 29, 2008.

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    I recently bought an 06 330i and occasionally have a problem where I go to start the car and a get an electronic steering lock symbol. The car will not start. Sometimes this clears by removing and reinserting the key, but sometime it takes several tries with wiggling the steering wheel in between. Is this a common problem? Is there a way to avoid it or recover from it reliably?
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    Take immediately to dealer or it will strand you when it is least convenient. I work with a guy that has 2 sisters with 2 E90s and both had this problem. They got new steering columns, but there is now some updated software and hardware. There may even be a recall, but at least there is an SIB.

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    E90 330 Steering Column Problem

    This is a slightly common problem. It will absolutely screw you and don't try calling BMW Assist for this problem, you're just going to be screwed. Most dealers have to order the parts for this problem too. So plan on having a loaner car for a day or two.

    Many question the "push button start" on the new bmws and I think its retarded! Are we really that lazy that we can't turn a key to start our bimmers?

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    I had the same problem during the earlier ownership of my 06 e90 325i, the dealer had the entire steering column on order to fix it then. I didnt want them to pursue that avenue when the part came in, since the problem was intermittent. 48k miles later the car is still fine, Im was just carefull though whenever I park and shut the car down that I dont leave the steering wheel in the engage position.
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    +1 Get on it:eek:
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    Same Problem No Warranty

    towed to dealer. BMW NA agreed to pay half of fix, so what I owed would be a bit less than indie shop cost.

    Steering column got put back together improperly and the detent on the cruise control would stick in the +5 mph setting causing the vehicle to surge forward until break depressed or cruise control disengaged. Kinda scary. (although no out of control toyota scare)

    So I had to take it back (100 miles one way) to get it properly re-installed.
    This was quite frustrating. I expressed my frustration at the situation on the post service survey. About 3 weeks later I received a check from the dealer for the amount of the repair cost that was billed to me allow with email and phone contact from the GM and Service Manager both. Simple gesture kept me willing to bring my business to this particular dealer.

    I also did some digging into the repair history on my vehicle and suspect this was the second time this part was replaced on my vehicle. Once at 26K and then at 51K.

    If this known issue happens to you intermittently, get it to a dealer as soon as possible, and hopefully they'll have mercy and stand behind the product with a proper repair.

    At this pace, I'll be replacing another steering column in 18 months.

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