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ejected from tuesday C&C

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2019' started by 32847, Oct 13, 2019.

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    oops, meant WED not TUES in the thread title..

    so i registered and was confirmed to "display" at the wed morning C&C in downtown greenville last spring when registration first opened. today i get an email saying that i have been ejected because there is not enough room for the concours entries. WTF? why eject folks that registered early and planned on it to accomodate late concours registrants? that is not member friendly......GRRRRRR!

    oh well..guess i will skip the event and head for the mountains for some driving....
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    You and me both brother. I was one of the first 10 to register for the entire event back in May and I got the boot as well. I'm PO'd myself... I spent a lot of time and money getting my car ready for the show and was looking forward to getting feedback from our BMWCCA brethren on my car. Between color-correction, buff & polish, new wheels/tires and related, I could've saved a bundle if they'd have told us early on that this was for "significant cars". Why open it up to everyone if its not for everyone. First come first serve obviously doesn't count either. I'm driving almost 500 miles tomorrow and was expecting to be able to show my 1-of-3 Tourings for my troubles, now like you I'm wondering if its even worth my time.

    I am staying at the host hotel, so can walk right out the front door for the show, but if I find they bumped us for vendors or new cars, my dissatisfaction will be known. My expectations for this show is really high now.. having to Amelia Island, Pebble Beach and Hilton Head Concourses, there better be some really spectacular cars if they are closing out the early registrants. Not cool BMWCCA, not cool.

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