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E90 320d in Thailand

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by 149527, Sep 27, 2014.

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    I thought I would say hello to all of you diesel lovers out there from the Land of Smiles. I retired to Thailand in 2009, and bought a 320d early in 2010. I love this car. Here in Thailand, diesel fuel is about $1/liter, ($3.80/gal) whereas petrol is about $1.50/liter ($5.60/gal). I get in the low 40mpg range around town, and in the low 50mpg range on a two hour highway trip to the airport. The only negative aspect I have experienced is two RFT tires have been destroyed by craters on the bad Thai roads. Replacements were about $500 !!! Insurance covers half, but that still leaves the other half out of pocket. As far as the car is concerned, it has been absolutely reliable for well over four years.

    I installed a DTUK tuning box which works great ! Power went from 177 to 220, and torque went from 350 to 450 Nm. That's more torque than my old E39 540 had. It smokes the rear tires with the DTC disabled.

    Cheers to all
    Thailand Bureau of the Golden Gate Chapter

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