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E70 X5 Winter Weels

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 162803, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I have a new to me 2013 E70 X5 35 Sport with original staggered 20" Wheels and summer only tires. For winter use in CO I want to get a set of 19" (ideally) or 20" wheels with winter tires. Will other generations of X5, or other model BMW wheels fit the E70? I have seen a few E53 wheels for sale, but not sure if they will fit.

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    I know the bolt pattern is 5x120 which is the same but the center bore size I can't remember but don't think there the same size being the e53 bore is to small for the e70. You should measure your hub bore to make sure though.
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    See the chart at the bottom of this: http://www.xbimmers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=826976

    and this: http://www.bmwforums.info/bmw-wheel...e-sizes-wheel-et-offset-wheel-bolt-sizes.html

    You need to know the bolt pattern, offset, and center bore size of any wheels to know if they'll fit yours. Bolt pattern (5x120) and center bore have to be the same as yours, offset has to be within the range. Sometimes aftermarket wheel manufacturers may use an adapter sleeve so a wheel's center bore can be downsized to properly fit - a cheaper way to make a wheel fit a broader variety of vehicles.
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    MAXROADSTER Ever chasing the elusive road runner!

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    I am looking for a similar idea (rims and wheels) - just purchased a 2013 X5 35d with 19" wheels though the tires are Continetals (Contacts?) with reasonable tread depth (medium wear). I would like to have an off road set of tires for future use. How is the search for rims coming Chris?
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    Randy Forbes

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    Too bad you weren't around when I was trying to unload these! These were the standard TireRack website recommendation, and fortunately, only needed for a season and a half before leaving Ohio in the rearview mirror, heading for Florida!

    These were fitted to the non-staggered 35i Sport pkg (19" all-seasons as std).


    I actually liked the snow-tire wheels a little better than the stock ones, being easier to clean. So next year, see what Tire Rack has to offer, but they'll probably be cheaper if you order them in August/September, instead of waiting until November/December ;)

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