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E46 M3 - All Season Tires?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jschaible11, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Just recently purchased a 2003 M3 and as with most used cars it is in need of some new tires. I don't track the car and if I did I would have a separate set of tires. Given that I live in Chicago and this is my daily driver (excluding dead of winter) I am considering getting a set of all seasons just in case I do have to drive it in light snow.

    Anyone have any positive experiences with a specific all season manufacturer? Michelin Sport A/S, Conti DWS, Bridgestone or Yokohama?

    I'm a newbie to the BMWCCA (just joined today) and I'm looking forward to being part of the community. Thanks to all in advance.

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    Check out thread "Another Tire Dilemma" just below.

    1) All-season really NO-Season
    2) Snow tires only real way to go.
    3) TireRack
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    This. Skip the all-seasons.
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    Yes, M-cars are not really save-money-on-tires sorts of cars.

    For sure don't skimp on the speed rating--follow owner's manual.

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    I've heard the michelins are great, but are of course very expensive. I have heard the conti's don't wear well at all, maybe half what you'd expect and they ride rough. I've heard good reports on Kumho's from 2 M3 sources. They are no michelin, but they aren't michelin money either.
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    There ya go! Head over to the E46 forums on here and also bimmerforums, e46fanatics and bimmerfest to get more specific info on tires. Also, fanatics and bimmerfest have a contact at TireRack to help you out.


    M3Driver guest

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    Michelins FTW. Others mentioned? Well, you get what you pay for.

    Also email Gary at Tire Rack (or call at X386). He is resident BMW guy. Never steered me wrong in 10 years.
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    LIGHT Snow?

    Where do you live in Chicago that gets LIGHT snow?? Born and raised in Chicago...can't remember light snow. As others said, All Seasons are just not the right tire for an "M" anything (well, okay maybe X6M/X5M); for Chicago weather you should have summer and winter tires, to enjoy the car during the summer and be able to safely drive during the winter.

    Freude am (in Chicago) Fahren...
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    E46 M3 Snows

    I had a 2003 M3 that I kept a separate set of wheels and snow tires. I still have them as they didn't go when I traded the car. The are Pirelli Winter 210 225/50 17" on Milia Millia 5 spoke wheels. The wheels are all 8" width but have staggered offsets for the M3. If you're interested, I will let them go for $400 plus shipping. The tires have been used for 1 winter. If you are interested, email me at gswiman@cox.net.

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