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E46 Battery Chargers

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by 109941, Feb 19, 2011.

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    This winter I've been driving my e34, so the 2003 330i has been sitting in the garage. The 330i starts fine, but the battery indicator remains on and I assume the amperage is low. When my e34 sits for long periods, I attach a Battery Tender trickle charger using alligator clips to the battery terminals and forget about it. I assume that's possible with the 330i, but I'm wondering if there's a simpler connection point than the battery terminals on this trunk mounted battery?

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    Indeed there is: Use the jump-start terminals in the engine bay. See this post for details. I was responding to an M Roadster owner but the E46 is the same.
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    Yup, I plug my Battery Tender into the under-hood terminal on my E46 M3 for winter storage. Works great. I can usually feed the cable up by the windshield edge of the hood so the hood will close even while connected.

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    My BMW OEM Battery Tender actually has a plug that goes into the cigarette lighter. It (the car) never "powers down" the outlet like I think some of newer cars do after a period of time.
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    If your battery light stays on, check your charging voltage.

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