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E39 - Instrument Cluster Problems - 2000 540i

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by Brick442, Jun 27, 2009.

    Brick442 guest

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    I have a 2000 540i with 4.4 lr V8 (but you already knew that) and six speed manual with a Sport Package. Mileage is 92,000.

    Problem: Speedometer, Tach and Odometer quit working and the Temperture Gauge pegs to the Max which can really get your attention when you first notice it. The DSC and ABS lights come on and the A/C compressor disengages. However, the fuel gauge and turn indicators work as well as the outside temperture display.
    The problems is intermittent and happens after the vehicle reaches an undeterimined temperture. For example I can ride to work (about 14 miles) in the morning with no indication problems, but in the afternoon I get about half way home when everything goes to crap.
    I have surfed the web and found many different solutions ranaging from ABS sensors and alternators to Dash Clusters.
    Before I started throwing money at the problem, I thought I would see if someone else has experienced this problem and hopefully their solution. Ideas?

    ViolinARC guest

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    Better late than never...

    I know this was posted AGES ago but I just encountered the exact same issue with my 2000 540iA Sport. I received trouble codes P1747 and P0600 along with the symptoms that you have described here. From my research, it is the ABS/DSC Bosch 5.7 controller that is failing and it is being repaired by ModuleMaster with a 5-year warranty for USD$300!! :D I received a quote of $1300 to replace with a new unit that only carries a 1-year warranty and I found a non-coded "repair" kt for about USD$600 so ModuleMaster is my choice! If anyone else is experiencing the same set of symptoms, this appears to be the solution...;)

    BTW you only need to remove 6 screws and an electrical connector to send the unit in for repair. You can also continue to drive your car while you wait for the repaired unit to arrive. Turnaround is stated at 5-days for the Bosch 5.7 due to the complexity of the component but other units only take 2-days...just FYI.

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