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E30 M3 diff---??

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by 155780, Apr 2, 2016.

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    I am considering upgrading the S14 engine in my E3 M3 with an Alpha N system, 48 mm intakes and Evo 2 cams. Some have suggested changing to a 3.25 LSD. I would appreciate any advice from any with experience with this type of modification. Thanks
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    Doing a diff gear change is the best bang for your buck I believe when modding a car. Just make sure you don't go to aggressive on the ratio or your causing RPM with be too high. The cams and intake will help with horse power but I thing you will enjoy the diff more.
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    Also get some thoughts from those at s14.net, http://www.bimmers.com/m3/sig/ & http://www.sigfest.com/sigfest.php

    S14 engine mods can be a slippery slope - I've heard of club racers getting some maxed-out S14 engine builds ($10-15k/build) only to find that having pushed the engine performance envelope comes at the cost of reliability, have something fail catastrophically, spend as much money again, and have the motor blow again. Point being, yes, you can build an S14 to have as much power as DTM racers of yore, but they had the luxury of the factory popping in a new engine for every race if it was necessary, and the reliability factors may have been more of a race-long thing than expecting the same kind of running reliability of stock BMW engines, which aren't as heavily stressed as in racing form.
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    BMW AG Motorsport
    E30 M3 S14B25 2.5 Liter Race Car Parts
    Engine Block S14B25 95,38mm 6,750.00 EURO /// Converted into USD $7,651.12 on 4/27/2016.


    Also available:
    Factory DTM camshafts
    Zylinderkopf Cylinder head S14

    Zylinderkopfdichtung CYL.HEAD GASKET S14 2,5L

    DTM Crankshaft
    Flywheel S14 DTM '91/II
    Piston ring 95,5mm Öl

    Kolben Piston 93,73

    Kolben Piston 93,79

    Kolben Piston 93,85

    Kolbenring Piston ring 95,38mm 1,2mm

    Kolbenbolzen GUDGEON PIN

    Kolben Piston 95,34

    Kolben Piston 95,28

    Kolben Piston 95,34

    Kolben Piston 95,40

    Einlassnockenwelle Inlet camshaft S14 320'

    Einlassnockenwelle Inlet camshaft 316'/2

    Auslassnockenwelle Outlet camshaft S14 308'

    Geberrad Reluctor

    Einlassnockenwelle Inlet camshaft S14 324'/62
    Keilrippenriemen Ribbed v-belt K4x976mm
    Einlassventil Intake valve 37mm 2,3l Gr.A

    Auslassventil Exhaust valve 32mm S14 Gr.A
    Auslassventil Exhaust valve 32,5 Natrium

    Einlassventil Intake valve 38,5mm hohl

    Einlassventil Intake valve 38,5mm Gr.A

    Einlassventil Intake valve 39mm 2'

    Ventilfeder Valve spring SRD9 Auslaß

    Stössel Cam follower H=4,60

    Stössel Cam follower h=4,70

    Stössel Cam follower h=4,75

    Druckfeder Compression spring r=2,1N/mm

    Please contact Pitcrew@ScottsdaleMotorsport.com for your factory race engine part needs.

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