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E30 Dashboard Replacement

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by jrgroth, May 8, 2024.

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    Good Morning All. I own a 1990 BMW 325i Convertible with a cracked dash. I recently sourced a crack-free dash from a 1985 BMW 325E. In all the research I performed prior to acquiring a crack-free dash, it was my understanding that the dash was the same on all 1985-1992 models, so basically all the dashes were interchangeable. However, the metal side brackets on the '85 dash are different shapes than my '90 dash, and the '85 dash isn't actually fitting into place...it appears to be catching on both sides where the brackets meet the frame. Am I missing something with the install, or are the dashes model-specific? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! - John
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    I don't know specifically, although I wouldn't be surprised if there's differences from early to late & particularly with convertibles. Try googling the question to see what comes up - there are other BMW forums to try also, r3vlimited.com has a lot E30 people - you could try them on facebook also. Not the most detailed diagrams, but you can look your part up on realoem.com and look up the earlier one and see if it shows any differences (probably not, it tends to show the same parts diagrams regardless). Another thing to try is hunt ebay auctions to compare pictures - sometimes some sellers will have a lot of pictures or details.

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