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E28M5 - Where are all the Pacific Region E28 M5 ?

Discussion in 'E28 (1982-1988)' started by Sven, Apr 11, 2013.

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    E28 M5 Owners: Your Car Could Be Featured At Festorics in Monterey!

    If you own an E28 M5 and plan on attending the BMW CCA Festorics Corral at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion August 17-18 2013, we have a special opportunity for you! Six of the best display-area parking spaces inside the corral are up for grabs this year.

    In order to compete for the top-six spots all you have to do is email a photo and brief description about your E28 M5 to me Sven Schindler,Festorics Coordinator. I'll review the entries as they come in and then we'll post each one to the BMW CCA website for voting. The six E28 M5s with the most votes will be given the best spots inside the corral hospitality area. And since this will be an E28 M5 themed corral, those who don't make the top-six will be welcome to fill remaining spots in and around the hospitality area.

    Official Rules and Guidelines

    • To enter the contest you must email a photo and brief description about your E28 M5 to me, Sven Schindler, by Tuesday, April 30.
    • All submitted photos will be posted to a page on bmwcca.org with voting capabilities on Wednesday, May 8. Voting will last for three weeks and end on Wednesday, May 29.
    • Photos and descriptions submitted will become the property of BMW CCA and may be used in promotional and marketing materials where appropriate.
    • The top-six E28 M5s in terms of votes will receive a prime parking spot inside of the Festorics Hospitality area on Saturday and Sunday, August 17-18 2013.
    • You must have the appropriate race tickets and corral pass to enter the Festorics Corral. These passes can be purchased through our registration page. http://tinyurl.com/bw6lcps
    • Entries that don’t make the top-six are welcome to attend and fill the remaining corral spots inside and outside the hospitality area depending on availability.

    If you have interest in this, please reply.
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    You might also post this in the O'Fest 2013 section with a thread title of "O'Festers: Your Car Could Be Featured At Festorics in Monterey!"

    Might not be a bad idea to send a letter-to-the-editor as well, and ask Steven to include this somewhere in the O'Fest webpages/info.
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    They're all probably hanging out in MyE28.com.
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    steven s

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    And you need to be a BMW CCA member.
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    Several e28 M5 owners including myself tried submitting pictures to you multiple times but the emails got kicked back because your @festorics inbox was always full.

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