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E28 hood mechanism broken, where to start?

Discussion in 'E28 (1982-1988)' started by vtx, Apr 4, 2009.

    vtx guest

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    Just came into a possession of a 88 E28 535i - and, as it usually goes, overlooked a few things, one of them the hood mechanism broken. The seller managed to get it open in a split second, and, being a first time E28 owner, I couldn't imagine there may be anything wrong with it.

    So the words of wisdom would be appreciated - if the handle is just hanging there by the thread, where to pull it to get the hood open and not damage anything further? Do I need to take off the dashboard (part #51451872376) in order to fix it (guess yes)

    Is the proper part still available? (guess yes)


    How do I know for sure if the vehicle is equipped with the airbag? Looks that it is not, but I don't want to be guessing anymore...

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: Bentley manual is in the mail...
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    No airbag on ant US E28 ever. You can probably just yank on the handle to open the hood. If the realoem parts catalog lists a price, it is likely that you can get the part. If it says ended, you may still be able to find one, but they don't make them any more.

    You do not need to remove the dash to replace this. You do not ever want to remove the dash unless you have a lot of time and a lot of colorful language. Just remove the lower dash panel, which is held on by a handful of trim screws.
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    John in VA

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    The parts were still available recently, as this is a common problem.
    I hope you'll check out the fabulous E28 resource, http://mye28.com/. There the Tech FAQ area contains many of the usual problem fixes.
    The group there can seem brutal at times, so perform a search before posting, as your situation as undoubtedly been covered previously.
    A quick search turned up these threads:

    vtx guest

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    Thanks for all the help - the wisdom in the posts and links allowed to make repairs without breaking anything :)

    For those who might be coming later in search of the same solution - while doing repairs, might want to consider replacing nipple (#51231872968) and grommet (#61138460102 or #61218050550) at the same time.


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