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E24 Wheel Replacement

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by gthberg, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I have an '88 M6, and am looking to get rid of the TRX package when my tires finally wear out later this year. I'm interested in the Beyern Mesh 17x8". First, does anyone own these and what do you think of them? Next question, I can't seem to find offset info for these wheels anywhere. I believe they will fit an E24 with no modification necessary. What size tire will I need to go with to make it fit without rolling fenders? Final question, if I do that, how far can I drop the car when I redo the suspension and get rid of the self-leveling nonsense? I'd like to go with the Bilstein Sport package, but it drops the car 1.25" and I'm afraid that will screw up my wheel/tire choice. Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to the forum gthberg.

    I have no experience with the wheels or car, but don't blame you for wanting to put the TRX size tires behind you. On the other hand, the M6 OEM wheel is a classic . . . .

    If you really want to change - personally, I think I'd ask Tire Rack.


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    I also don't blame you for upgrading from the TRX package. I had to do this in order to drive my recently obtained '88 635CSi from Socal up to Seattle. I was able to locate a set of 17" wheels from a 750 off of e-bay prior to my journey northward up Hwy 1.

    Tire Rack did a great job for me a couple of years ago on my 350Z. Easy to work with. I plan on using them again, as the wheels I have on now will most liekly be turned into 'winter wheels'. I think 17" should work well. Your planned settup sounds good, I'd like to try a similar plan but may have to do it in a couple of phases. With that in mind, the folks at Tire Rack can make sure all fit together without issues.
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    Also, you could get a set of Style 5 BMW/BBS style wheels and keep the car looking pretty much stock. They get pricey though, at least for a good set. I found this one on Ebay but keep in mind that if you get the E39 ones you will need hubcentric adapters from Tire Rack (they are like $3 or $4 a piece).

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