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E24/M30 Oil Choice. Help!

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by imacipc, Mar 1, 2013.

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    imacipc MI 633csi

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    I've been needing to ask for what oil anyone might recommend for an 82' 633csi? (or any similar e30 engine) I live in the pacific northwest so the climate is moderate at around 40-50˚f year-around for the most part. The owner's manual suggests either a 20w-50 or 15w-50. I haven't had the car long and I'm not sure what oil was previously used. Any ideas?!
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    One starter choice is between full synthetic, a synthetic/non-synthetic blend, or straigh ol' non-synthetic.

    I use this in my M30 engined E34 -


    Mobil-1 seems to be a popular choice, you hear it mentioned quite often.

    I haven't used standard non-synthetic in years, although I suppose Castrol or Castrol synthetic blend might be just fine; haven't looked into it though.
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    M30 engine.
    Yes. Run what the manual says. Lots of people recommend oils with high ZDDP - whatever that is ...

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