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Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by 308043, Dec 4, 2010.

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    308043 e64 engine

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    Have there been any ongoing mechanical issues with this model? I am interested in purchasing one soon. Thanks, Jim
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    The only issue I have had was it need a valve cover gasket at 48k. So far it has been on SWEET ride. I'm currently at 59k and I purchased at 36k in 2008.
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    There's a rumor about something with the high pressure fuel pump on the twin turbo 335i ;)

    TheStigsTwin guest

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    Lol, yep the hpfp issue is the biggest thing. Though it is not a huge repair and is generally covered under warrenty. It is a mighty inconvenience though and I find it odd that BMW , after 4 years with these engines, has not solved it yet.:confused:
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    I have a '09 E91 with 13k miles, and no problem except I've had to replace 3 of the runflat tires so far. 2 because of nail holes, 1 for sidewall bulge after hitting a pothole.

    hamilton_wong guest

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    HPFP and wastegate rattle are common issues on the car..
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    This is my second E90. First one was a 2007 328xi and had no issues over 45k miles. Have 19k on my 2009 335i and had the HPFP replaced at 11k and no other issues. Love the E90. Drives great and has been good to me from day one.

    JimsBMW guest

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    I own a 2006 325i i only had a coil pack go out at about 64,000 miles and i now have 88,000 miles.i have owned it 3 years. its very reliable and i still have original brakes on it.

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