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E-30 Nut-case Here!

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Healy325, Mar 8, 2008.

    Healy325 guest

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    Hello all,
    I've been in the club for a little more than a decade. I just bought my third E30. It's an '89 325is in Alpine white. My first was a great '84 325es in Henna Red. Second was an '89 325is in Alpine white, then my wife got a '91 325is in Graphite Silver. The new car is almost identical to the old white car. The older one ( 275,000 miles ) is now the dedicated race car. Translation: more rust and dings on the old one...
    I'm looking forward to this becoming the go-to site for us E30 guys.

    jmalter guest

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    Hope so, 'cos E30s rule! IMO, they've got this solid design (semi-trailing-arm) for the rear suspension, which gives them incredible 'predictability' in their handling, much better (& easier to modify) than the multi-link rear suspension of the succeeding generation.

    Vicksburg guest

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    Mine's and 88 325i Convertable. I have just started the restoration (minor) and hope to be driving it this summer. It's black with factory rims. It's already been a lot of fun to work on...

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