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DSC ABS Runflat indicators all lite

Discussion in 'R53 Cooper S (2001-2006)' started by steven s, Jun 16, 2012.

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    steven s

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    Intermittently all 3 warning lights will light.
    My gut feeling tells me it's a bad ABS sensor.
    I've watched some videos on replacing the sensor and read that most of the time it's the front sensor.

    Unless I bring it to the dealer, to determine which sensor, it's a crap shoot.

    I just know if I bring it to my dealer to do the repair it's going to be an ABS module this week, followed by 2 ABS sensors and rings next week. There isn't a lot of love going on with me and my dealer right now. :)

    Has anyone replaced an ABS sensor?
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    steven s

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    Since I'm impatient I pulled out the front left ABS sensor.
    Seems to look OK. I do see a line that along the edges of the metal that looks like it might be the mold used to cast it. Blew air in their. Reassembled. Test drive. Still all lights on and verified, no ABS.
    It doesn't take a lot to lock up tires. :)

    I'll have to take a look at the rear sensor now.
    It has to be one of the sensors.
    If it was the ABS pump itself the runflat indicator wouldn't be on.

    My fear is that it's the sensor ring.

    Didn't realize there are 4 sensors.
    Guess I'll take apart the front right one next.
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    steven s

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    Well Advance Auto wasn't able to pull the ABS codes.
    Pulled the remaining ABS sensors.
    Cleaned them up. Reinstalled.
    Air pressure was low on all tires. Brought them up.
    Still all warning lights ON.
    Found a 40A fuse for ABS. That appears OK.
    Don't see any relays.
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    steven s

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    First I replaced my front right sensor since the wire is routed near the pully and may fray.
    That didn't fix it.
    Took the old sensor from the right and swapped it with the left.
    Eureka! First thing I noticed was my runflat warning was not lite. :)
    Drove a little bit and all the lights went off.
    $60 part bought on eBay.
    The EXACT same part in a MINI box for ~$120.00
    All the mounting points exactly the same.
    I am happy!

    I feel I saved myself over $1200.
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    So, you had a bad left front ABS sensor then?
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    steven s

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    It's a crap shoot which sensor it could have been,
    Some threads said it's more likely the FR and others the FL.
    I'm just glad it wasn't BOTH front sensors since I would have never known without pulling the codes.
    Could have been a rear sensor also.
    A bad yaw sensor or worse, a bad ABS module.

    It was funny. My wife had been driving the car all week with no ABS or DSC.
    I told her to be careful on the brakes and watch her speed on turns.

    She noticed the car a bit squirrelly on turns. The rear seemed to wander.
    She's relying on DSC without even knowing it. Scarey.

    I understand how DSC is considered a safety device, but it's covering up poor car control.
    None of my cars have traction control. I could only imagine how much I could get away with if I did.
    I like the fact that I am on my own.

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