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Driving Habits

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by e90n51, Jun 6, 2018.

    e90n51 guest

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    Going to school and work with my Bmw is really fun as a daily. But it does wear down parts more than a weekend car. I want to know how to drive more efficiently, as in what routes to go. Is highway more better or small roads and regular streets? When you guys brake do you guys push the pedal slowly or tap it till it stops, Do you guys go slowly on the throttle? What way of driving saves more gas but keeps my commute still brisk and quick. Thank you so much guys and reply anything youd like.
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    steven s

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    You're overthinking, :)
    If you are concerned about gas mileage, well...
    My feeling about MPG is it is inversely proportional to the amount of fun you have.
    I think a combination of driving is good.
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    If your trying to save wear and tear on the vehicle. I just recommend driving the vehicle and they love to be opened up and driven. So putzing around town is ok but I would say highway would be best.

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