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Driver Side Seat

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by airbytkd, Jul 16, 2010.

    callmasterIV guest

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    Im just trying an upholstery on the E30 sports seats,
    tools for the job itself ,
    - hog ring pliers and a
    - finewire staple gun.
    The "back" and "seat-cushion" pad is stapled to the foam, and ill stick to that.

    Mine is a daily driver so i need one seat in.I started with the passenger seat (have no passengers:-( )
    and once through it'll serve as temporary drivers seat until thats done. then swap back. (or not drive a weekend long)

    Worst case is, you may have to swap the slider brackets.
    Would be not an issue for me as the seats are now totally assembled.

    Also the idea is , it'd give me room to play, in case i mess it up, and the passenger seat has all foaming intact.
    The foam on the drivers side though has seem its little abuse here and there, and addressing that, i pushed to my "stage 2 of upholstery DIY" level.

    neep3r guest

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    I have a 2dr sport seat and on the driver side there is a problem with the back part tilting to the right if I lean to the right. It seems like it has to do something with the handle to lean the seat forward for rear seat entry. If I pull the back of the seat up, on the driver side it will lift up an inch or two - any idea how to fix this? When I pull the seat up, the handle will raise a little and then stop, not sure if that's helpful or not...

    Thanks guys
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    Take the seatback off and check for loose bolts.

    Neep3r, don't be afraid to start new threads; it makes more sense for relevancy, and future reference. ;)

    neep3r guest

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    Thanks bud. I almost did but then saw a thread specific to driver side sport seats! lol - I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time. ;)

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