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Drive By Wire not an issue

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ForcedInduction, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Somehow I'm not that comforted that the big concern focused on the reliability of the "drive by wire" elements and minimized the impact of the mechanical components or the positioning of the floor pedals. If the mechanical linkage failed or was fouled by floor mats, or such, that is still a design/manufacturing flaw.

    Should Toyota be sued for that? Not in my opinion, but neither I or my estate will ever be wealthy enough to hire the best attorneys. And, ultimately, that is where the issue ends ........... If you have enough money, you can always go to court for fun and profit. That has been a guiding principle of US business since the days of the founding fathers.

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    I don't believe the numerous investigations minimized the impact of the floor mats on the accelerator design at all. The mats were basically kicked under the accelerator pedal by the drivers. This is a driver error not an accelerator pedal design issue. Making the accelerator pedal less able to be fouled by a floor mat is good, but teaching people to not kick the floor mat under the accelerator pedal should be basic driver's education.

    How did these people get a driver's license if they can't drive without kicking the floor mat under the pedal? How did these people not know how to apply the brakes and stop the car to remove the floor mat? How did these people not know how to shut off the ignition or shift into neutral, yet they were issued a driver's license by their state government?

    I'm confident if empty beer bottles laying on the floor of the vehicle were kicked under the accelerator pedal, in the U.S. there would be a class action lawsuit against the car maker, beer maker, beer bottle maker and anyone else with deep pockets... :(

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