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door lock issues

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by Johan, Feb 14, 2010.

    Johan guest

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    My Nephew drives a 89 735i. The passengers side front door will open from inside but not from outside, and the passengers side rear door wont open either way. Can somebody tell me what I need to do to help fix this issue. I have looked inside there and and cant see much but I sprayed it down with spray white lithium grease and it didnt help at all. The back door I dont have a clue except maybe a slimjim or something to open then attempt a repair. Anybody fix this problem before.
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    sounds like the mechanisms inside the door have come loose, it could happen if one of the plastic clips holding the rod in place breaks allowing the rod to come loose

    the rear door will be very difficult to open to get at the problem so you might have to remove the door panel with the door closed, which I can guarentee will be a huge pain
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    I had a simliar issue on my 93 -- had to replace the locking mechanism. Took a good 6 hours to do the whole job -- but the front is specially insulated as I understand.
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    I dunno; it's not all that hard on an E28. Remove the armrest and other stuff holding the panel on and pop it off. Worst case, you might break a fastener or two.
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